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Brief Alloy Shell

Nov 18, 2014

Aluminum alloy shell based on a variety of shell material, because of easy processing, high flexibility, high grade, can effectively improve value-added products to be widely used in the electronics industry in general, including aluminum shell and aluminum die-cast housing.

Aluminum shell

Aluminum shell is on the way to get to the tensile aluminum machined aluminum housing, high flexibility, depth can be cut, generally have a circuit board inside the slot, as long as the circuit board can be inserted directly, without further fixed, convenience is unmatched by other types of housing, but the aluminum shell is generally relatively poor water resistance, not suitable for use in the field and harsh environment areas. In such case, Ltd. Cixi Masamori most all types of products. Such housing has a broad application prospects.

Aluminum die-cast housing

The shell is made of aluminum die-casting technology once with water proof properties, suitable for outdoor use, but the price is high, low flexibility, change sizes rely on modifying the mold to achieve.