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Brief Aluminum Paint

Nov 18, 2014

Aluminum paint to do the passivation pre-treatment, generally have common paint paint, metallic paint and fluorocarbon, corrosion resistance, hardness and other properties are also from low to high, the price is expensive fluorocarbon; you can also do powder coating, because aluminum doing little paint, powder coating performance and good price cheaper than paint, powder coating profiles are used on construction projects.

Here are two: 1. General aluminum paint (aluminum curtain rod) adhesion and corrosion resistance higher than non-painted aluminum, the same as other features and general. 2. Aluminum grilled fluorocarbon (best) Super weather resistance - making artificial acceleration test 5000 hours after the elderly, can maintain more than 80% of the turbulent retention, not only to protect the surface for many years, but also for many years maintain its bright color. Corrosion - resistant to salt spray test more than 1000 hours, the film does not blister, do not fall off, and only a slight loss of light, color. Film acid, alkali, salt and other chemicals and a variety of chemical solvents, provide a protective barrier for a variety of substrates. Strong self-cleaning - paint low surface energy, water repellent \ repellent oil \ sticky \ antifouling good self-cleaning surface dust can be self-cleaning by rain, local stubborn stains with detergent wash high decorative. - in 60 degree angle gloss juice, can reach more than 80% of high-gloss, in the field of fluorine resin is a major initiative, this feature is particularly suitable for automotive, electrical, building steel, doors and windows profile structure body contour decorative coatings field. Strong adhesion - copper, stainless steel, and other metals; steel, polyester, polyurethane, vinyl chloride and other plastics; the surface of cement, composite materials have shown its excellent adhesion. Basic exhibit should be attached to any material properties. Versatile - can be dissolved in most solvents, can be spray coating method, roll coating, brushing, dipping, airless spray \, etc. Depending on the choice of curing agent can be at room temperature to 160 degrees Celsius. short time hardening, both for the factory paint, there are suitable for field painting