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How To Deal With Tearing Cracks On Aluminum Profile Surface

Aluminum profile surface cracks cause:

1, aluminum extrusion coefficient is too large, extrusion temperature is too high (rod, tube, mold temperature), extrusion speed too fast; 

2, the pressure is not stable, fluctuated, or speed difference between stalls obvious, when the gear shift suddenly fast;

3, Extrusion aluminum alloy head pressure (stamping) is too fast, the end of running speed or not deceleration, a large number of dead zone infiltration of aluminum;

4, the poor quality of the stick, stick burning, large grains, loose. Pressure (V3 aluminum) is too thin; 

5, the extrusion die flow rate than a serious imbalance in the design and manufacture of unreasonable.

Aluminum profile surface cracks to eliminate ways:

1, the extrusion coefficient is too large profile can be placed on a small machine production, aluminum extrusion with a suitable ratio; other extrusion temperature to strictly control the production process required to adopt a suitable extrusion speed;

2, the concentration of operators, smooth speed, pressure can not be high or low, manual operation with shift;

3, stop aluminum front and back end of the dead zone or V3 volume (aluminum rod surface) aluminum, impurities, poor quality, lack of viscosity, so the profile head and tail extrusion speed to slow down;

4, the aluminum rod surface should be fine and clean without oil, the internal organization should meet the standard pressure to stay (stick 5%);

5, extrusion die designers to design and manufacture of uniform flow rate of qualified mold.