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India Intends To Chinese Aluminum Wheel Anti-dumping Investigations

Nov 18, 2014

Recently, China CCCME was informed that the Indian association representing the country's aluminum products aluminum car wheels manufacturers to submit their applications to the Indian Commerce and Industry, to be on the October 2010-September 2011 period, from China (including Taiwan ), Thailand, South Korea imported aluminum wheel anti-dumping investigations, involving products for 12-24 inches in diameter aluminum alloy wheel hub car.

If the case is officially filed, will be following the EU, Australia, China aluminum wheel industry suffered third trade remedy investigation case.

China CCCME is China's import and export business of mechanical and electrical products industry organizations, according to the Commerce Department "anti-dumping cases export regulations", the organization responsible for coordinating the work of mechanical and electrical products industry of anti-dumping.

Anti-dumping investigation by India, China CCCME warning related companies were required during the survey period for Indian exports of the product concerned enterprises, immediately contact with the chamber of commerce, communication on the situation, in order to better respond case.