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Reconsideration Phenomenon Aluminum Companies Get Together

Nov 18, 2014

With the approaching change of government, local investment impulse frequent. Prediction media quoted China Investment Association, said the 2013 investment will grow 24%, of the total investment will be more than 45 trillion yuan. Some experts expect the new leadership took office, is expected to be for 3-5 year investment boom, and then pull the 7% average annual economic growth of China over the next 10 years. Among them, the rapid growth of investment in the Midwest especially impressive. Economists at the Central Party School Committee members Zhaochang Mao said: "The Midwest is entering a phase of rapid development, driven mainly by investment, domestic and foreign investment are moving to the Midwest."

With two sessions held one after another place after the general resurgence of local investment impulse, have increased investment in central and western provinces, trillion investment plan frequent, Midwest usher in a new development opportunity. However, some experts pointed out that the sparsely populated western provinces, although the "second five" plan requires all of the elimination of backward production capacity of electrolytic aluminum, but aluminum companies are to get together to move to the west, where staking and access to resources, for accumulation potential subsequent development of enterprises.

Costs low in the west

"Despite repeated requests to the policy of eliminating backward production capacity of electrolytic aluminum, but we are still a signle launched large electrolytic aluminum projects, excess aluminum problem persists." Social business analyst 范艳霞 expressed in the "China Business Times" interview. According to Urumqi, Xinjiang anonymity of the business community to "China Business Times," said Alcoa belong heavily polluted industrial, does not comply with national policies. China's electrolytic aluminum enterprises are concentrated in Shandong, Henan and other places, but since the middle of last year, there have been a number of small and medium scale aluminum cut or even stop, some companies are massive westward migration. Xinjiang Gobi everywhere, so the local government to improve the performance and extensive hunting, including aluminum group, Shenhuo Group, its sub-ALUMINUM, East Hope Group. These enterprises in the West nearly completed plant.