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Ten Key Words Of Doors And Windows Industry In 2017

The ten key words of the door and window industry show you the trend of the industry in 2017.

Custom windows and doors

Door and window market is becoming younger and younger, while the quality of products is guaranteed. Consumers are increasingly pursuing individuality, and discard the traditional doors and windows products, and custom doors and windows are gradually favored and recognized by consumers. In order to cater to the market trend of young consumers coming, many brands began to develop customized windows, and achieved good results. The windows brand personality development is not only a change of customized products to meet consumer demand, is also consistent with the change of the development of the industry and market development trend. In the future, the demand for customized products is greater, and the development of the door and window brand is also a big trend.

Intelligent door and window

With the rapid development of Home Furnishing industry, "smart" has become hot words Jiezhuang market, consumer demand for home security doors and windows protection should not be limited to the single, but expect the doors and windows can take into account the anti-theft and anti hijacking alarm system, indoor air purification technology of intelligent function. Therefore, how to combine science and technology with doors and windows to make every door and window intelligent, and meet the needs of each user at the same time, become the trend of the development of doors and windows.

System windows and doors

The system is the perfect combination of windows and doors, a performance of the system, the need to consider the water tightness, air tightness and wind resistance, mechanical strength, heat insulation, sound insulation, anti-theft, sunshade, weatherability, easy to handle and a series of important functions, but also consider the equipment, materials, accessories, glass, glue, seal all link performance comprehensive results, are indispensable, the formation of high performance windows system.

Experiential consumption

Consumers' consumption concepts and values are constantly changing. People pay more and more attention to the emotional benefits of products when they buy products and services. For the large consumer goods and windows, consumers are usually lack of experience and lack of knowledge and knowledge of products. Therefore, more and more doors and windows enterprises praise experiential consumption. Only in the process of experience, consumers can understand products more comprehensively, and help consumers make better purchase decisions, so that consumers can be more steadfast and reassuring when they pay.

Energy saving and environmental protection

This year's two sessions once again extended the topic of "environmental economy". We can see that sustainable development of environmental protection is not only a rigid rule of the state, but also an inevitable requirement for environmental protection, and a concept that must be adhered to for healthy development and long-term development of doors and windows businesses. Doors and windows industry has been developing rapidly in recent years, which means that the competition within the industry is becoming more and more intense. Instead of being eliminated by the market, it must be based on the development of human energy and respond to the national environmental policy.

O2O mode

"Internet plus", not only changed the mode of development of enterprises, but also greatly changed the lifestyle of consumers, Internet marketing is the future trend of development, and brand can't ignore. Therefore, many doors and windows enterprises have set up a perfect O2O mode, adopting online and offline integration development strategy to solve the open, fair and just consumption demands online, and at the same time, offline resources as support, including design, exhibition, logistics and so on. It is undeniable that the combination of the business and the entity stores of the door and window enterprise is the inevitable trend.

Cross field development

Cross - field development has been a key word for doors and windows home industry. In 2017, it was more astonishing and stride forward. With the rapid development of real estate, home customization has become the trend of development. Therefore, many doors and windows enterprises are also developing cross-border cabinets, and making full wardrobe customization.

Brand competition

In the current market competition, the price war has become the past, and the competition around the brand is becoming the focus of the market competition. Whether it is the initiative to join the brand competition or be forced to accept, brand building and construction have become the focus of the door and window brand.

Nowadays, more and more intense competition between brands and brand, numerous large and small, not every door and window brands are able to get a good development, perhaps without the light of day, perhaps overnight became known to every family brand. Therefore, this also requires the door and window brand need to look at the brand problem correctly.

New retail

"The new retail model has become the development trend of doors and windows industry in the future, the so-called new retail, refers to the future of e-commerce platform will disappear, and the line of logistics together, a business model, namely" Online + offline + logistics ", mutual cooperation between the business platform and retail enterprises understand, users of consumer demand in a timely manner through the big data. The strong rise of the electricity supplier has much room for improvement of doors and windows industry, and also brings more challenges to the development of doors and windows business.

Multiple promotion

In the shadow of the industry, the promotion seems to be a "life saving straw" for the development of the door and window industry. However, with the growing maturity of consumers, the traditional way of promotion has been difficult to ignite the enthusiasm of consumers. In this regard, promotional activities in rational demand will again be "wake up"; and enterprises, dealers need more rational with changes in the market and consumers, diversified marketing mode, causing the industry and consumer concerns, to promote the development of the continuous.